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from November 28 to Saturday 30, 2024

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77 years of value!
Cremona – the beating heart of the animal husbandry industry
Over 500 animals registered with the December exhibition
from 90 farms in 8 different countries

CremonaFiere is revving up for the 2022 edition of Zootecniche Cremona International Exhibition, the animal husbandry exhibition which will be held in Cremona on 1 – 3 December this year.
The international exhibition features a livestock show, now at its 77th year, an essential event for breeders and part of a tradition that has no equal in our country, focused as it is on the farmers themselves, and their professionalism and work.
In the last few days, the exhibition centre was the stage for the 3rd Cremona International Dairy Show and the @CR European Sale at Cremona 2022, in continuation of the innovation rolled out in 2021: the breeders conference went beyond merely reporting on participation figures and the news, but also had the aim – characteristic of CremonaFiere – of highlighting the needs of the livestock farmer community, which has identified Cremona as their home for the last 77 years.
With its truly extraordinary results – over 500 animals registered, from 90 farms in 8 different countries – the 2022 exhibition confirms the founding principle of the show: engaging the farming community with quality and innovation.
The fair will be accompanied by an exhibition of the best solutions for animal husbandry, as well as a full programme of scientific and technical conferences of the highest level, focussed on the main issues in breeding: animal welfare and procuring raw materials; environmental and economic sustainability and the strategic vision of the industry as a whole; the use of resources like water and renewable energy generation.
The very well-attended conference – over 50 farmers from all Italy took part – presented not only technical issues (from health regulations and services to the calendar of events) but also a number of new initiatives, including “On the way to Cremona”, a programme for agricultural schools aimed at engaging young people with the trade fair and the animal husbandry industry as a whole, which is proving to be very popular.
The international character of the exhibition starts with its setting – indeed the Zootecniche Cremona International Exhibition, now at its 77th year, is the only international event of its kind in Italy.
This year it promises to be even more international, with the participation of animals and farms from around the world, a panel of world experts in the industry – from judge Mark Rueth to auctioneer Nici Nosbish and Torban Melbaum certificates, an international promotion and incoming buyers programme sponsored by ICE Agenzia as part of its promotion of the Made in Italy brand.
“December’s event will showcase an ethical industry which is ever more efficient and sustainable,” says Roberto Biloni, President of CremonaFiere. “And it will also be an occasion for business and growth. The event will focus on the breeder community, opening its doors to the entire industry with the aim of providing effective tools for business and planning the future.”
Like every top level event, Zootecniche Cremona International Exhibition also has its claim – presented at the breeders conference: #LAZOOTECNIANONSIFERMA (animal husbandry moving forwards) which, while referring to the dramatic events of the pandemic, focusses on the industry’s resilience and ability to overcome even the most difficult situations.

Beltrami Award 2023

Also this year on the occasion of Cremona International Livestock Exhibitions 2023, the institution “Comizio Agrario di Cremona – Ente Eredità Girolamo Beltrami” and CremonaFiere

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