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from November 28 to Saturday 30, 2024

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In its latest version, CremonaFiere highlights the strategic importance of the 77th edition of the show, to be held on 1 to 3 December in Cremona

The 77th edition of the Zootecniche Cremona International Exhibition will feature over 650 animals from 120 farms in 8 different countries, a showcase for innovation in the industry with over 50 events, along with a focus on the training of young people and professionals. The exhibition, which will open on 1st December, is the outcome of detailed discussions with professionals from the entire livestock value chain, resulting in an effective and engaging show.
But CremonaFiere is not just about the numbers: it aims to highlight the centrality of the historic Zootecniche Cremona International Exhibition, the sole international event of its kind in Italy, always in support of the industry and its developments.
“The show,” says President Roberto Biloni, ”is the outcome of the work done by CremonaFiere throughout the year to maintain our dialogue both with the breeders and with the Technical Scientific Committee. In its periodic meetings and discussions with the breeders, CremonaFiere monitors the pulse of the industry and expresses it in the work of the Technical Scientific Committee, as well as proposing training events and conferences. I believe it is precisely due to this work, which starts as soon as the previous show closes, that we have achieved the very flattering numbers for this year’s event.”
The main event is the livestock show, the 3rd Cremona International Dairy Show, a unique showcase for the proverbial passion of Italian breeders for their “dairy queens”, and which this year is expanded by the presence of animals and breeders from around the world, with a panel of globally renowned experts, starting with judge Mark Rueth. The auction, @CR European Sale at Cremona 2022, also has excellent prospects, designed as it is to draw participants of the highest level, with auctioneer Nici Nosbish and Torban Melbaum certificates.
“To understand the work that went into this exhibition,” says CEO Massimo De Bellis, ”one must realise that these events are supported by international promotional and incoming buyer campaigns run in partnership with ICE Agenzia, as part of its plans to promote the Made in Italy brand.”
The livestock show is accompanied by the exhibition proper, which will showcase important technical and technological innovations.
“The visitor,” adds De Bellis, “is provided with a tour of industry innovations running from genetics, to feed, equipment, machinery and services, all with a view to more sustainable production for the entire community, whether breeders, supply chain businesses or the end consumer.”
Cremona has also been a leading arena for discussions about animal husbandry; a meeting place for promoting the growth of the industry and presenting innovations.
The 77th edition fully satisfies expectations in this way too, offering highly qualified discussions and presentations on every aspect of cattle rearing, with a view to the entire value chain, without neglecting the pig, sheep and goat sectors.
“The programme of conferences,” says De Bellis, “has been drawn up by the Technical Scientific Committee (which works throughout the year) in response to the requirements of the industry, with which it maintains a lively dialogue focussed on all key issues. These run from animal welfare, procuring raw materials, environmental and economic sustainability and the strategic vision of the industry as a whole, to the use of resources like water, and renewable energy generation. What is more, this year’s event will also focus on training for a variety of participants: children, who have their own event and programme; agricultural college students, almost 1000 of whom have been working for some months now on the “On the way to Cremona” project, aimed at giving greater depth to the training of future technicians; as well as a day of training for agronomists and industry professionals, put together in collaboration with the Cremona Agronomists Association and the Cremona College of Agrarian Experts.”

Beltrami Award 2023

Also this year on the occasion of Cremona International Livestock Exhibitions 2023, the institution “Comizio Agrario di Cremona – Ente Eredità Girolamo Beltrami” and CremonaFiere

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