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from November 28 to Saturday 30, 2024

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There are still 6 months before the start of the 2023 Zootecniche Cremona International Exhibition, but at the headquarters of CremonaFiere organisational activities have already started at full speed.

This year’s Zootecniche Cremona International Exhibition – the 78th edition – aims to continue the fantastic results of 2022: 25 countries represented, 74 events, seminars and workshops, 400 company and service livestock and agriculture brands on display, 130 breeders with more than 600 animals exhibited from 8 countries, 10,000.00 Euro donated to the Fondazione Centro San Raffaele, Occhi Azzurri Onlus and the Ottavo Senso project, thanks to the auction @CR European Sale at Cremona 2022. This was all part of the programme whose highlight was the livestock show, an event that drew the attention of breeders on an international level.

Also for 2023, the show is a confirmation of the effective combination of originality, internationalism and quality. CremonaFiere’s focus on giving a voice to the breeders has created an event that has an innovative, independent and international format. As a result, the show, which is organised in close synergy between the event organisers and the breeders, is already renown and appreciated worldwide. This formula has made it possible to respond quickly to the requirements of the international market and the evolving needs of an event whose number of participants has increased more than 200% over the past two years.

Professionalism, commitment and passion are the main features that motivate the team that organises the event, which is made up of the breeders who meet regularly with the CremonaFiere staff to plan and fine tune the show.

This show – explains Paolo Quaini, breeder, owner of Castelverde Holstein in Castelverde (Cremona), one of the young people who is a member of the breeder committee that organises the exhibition – was created as an event the breeders want for the breeders: this is what makes it unique and strong. The 2022 edition was a unique experience due to the number and quality of the animals, the extraordinary response of the visitors, but also due to the climate of rebirth and enthusiasm that filled the air”.

The show – adds Pietro Cerri, breeder, owner of the farm estate Cerri in Turano Lodigiano (Lodi) – is characterised by its strong international selling point, which was already significant last year with 7 participating countries. But this year we want to push even further. Also because we are receiving very positive feedback – through the direct contacts we are developing – which indicate that our colleagues in other countries want to come to Cremona!”

Cremona has also always exhibited the best technical stock-raising solutions and represents synthesis and vision in a market that places great importance on technical updating, debate and training. The convention area of the Zootecniche Cremona International Exhibition has been the pride and joy of the entire sector for almost 80 years, as the most modern technical and scientific theories were developed and advanced technologies were established over the years here in Cremona. A new type of organisation will be used for the convention part of the 2023 edition. The new approach has four areas: “think tanks” that reflect Cremona’s longstanding role in the industry as a guide and hotbed of ideas.

The four Cremona think tanks are:

  • Sustainable stock-raising management
  • Livestock and environment
  • Renewable energy
  • Management of water for agriculture and stock-raising

These are the key words to which the show will dedicate much space for training this year.

  • This year there will again be the educational events dedicated to students, which were very successful last year.
  • The national competition “On the way to Cremona” will be held again, which is the initiative CremonaFiere targeted towards agricultural school students during its first edition in 2022, involving more than 1000 students from agricultural schools all over Italy. After taking part in a training course during the months before the exhibition, the students completed the project by presenting their reports and receiving the treasured scrolls directly from the Minister of Agriculture, Food Sovereignty and Forests Francesco Lollobrigida.
  • Also the 2023 edition will involve primary school students – to whom a specific workshop will be dedicated – whereas for the first time in 2023 – also some secondary school classes will be involved in topics concerning sustainable agro-food production.
  • Various educational events will also be offered that target professionals on topics of technological innovation for dairy animal husbandry.

“Also this year – comments the President of CremonaFiere, Roberto Biloni – we are working with dedication to maintain and improve the level of the show, following the very positive feedback from last year. The challenges the livestock sector is facing are multiple and complex, and a specialised international exhibition like ours provides an optimal tool for consolidating and improving the sector’s competitiveness”.

Beltrami Award 2023

Also this year on the occasion of Cremona International Livestock Exhibitions 2023, the institution “Comizio Agrario di Cremona – Ente Eredità Girolamo Beltrami” and CremonaFiere

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