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CremonaFiere COVID-19 Safety protocols.

According to Decree Law 23 July n. 105, the green Certification COVID-19, or comparable international certification, is needed to access CremonaFiere Exhibition Centre. It can be shown in digital or paper format, in Italian or in English.

The green Certification COVID-19 / EU digital COVID certificate is obtained with:

  • Negative result on the molecular or rapid antigen test within the last 48 hours
  • Vaccination against COVID-19 (in Italy it is issued both after receiving the first dose and at the completion of the vaccination cycle)
  • Recovery from COVID-19 in the previous six months

Certification is not required for children under 12 years of age.

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All over the Exhibition Center it is mandatory:

Covid-19 pandemic lead us to new rules and renewed habits and taught us to respect a new distance. Health and safety measures are top priorities to hold Exhibitions and events in full safety.

In order to safeguard visitors and exhibitors’ health and to reduce at the minimum level possible any chance of covid-19 spread, CremonaFiere has developed a safety protocol for its events especially conceived to meet all different needs, both operational and regulatory, that contribute to a higher level of safety of the Exhibition Centre.


Interpersonal distancing

All activities taking place at the Exhibition Centre will ensure the respect of interpersonal distancing of at least 1 mt.


Use of PPE and Hand Sanitizers

Surgical masks are mandatory for everyone and shall be correctly worn for the entire duration of your stay at the Exhibition Centre. Hands shall be frequently sanitized with proper hand sanitizers.


Checks at the entrance

ll people entering the Exhibition Centre during its opening hours will be subject to: body temperature check, with contact-less systems, and verification of the validity of their green Certification COVID-19 or of equivalent certification.


Cleaning and sanitizing of environmental surfaces

All environmental surfaces will be frequently cleaned and sanitized, with a particular attention for those areas with a higher traffic and favoring greater contact among people.

Hand sanitizer dispensers will be available and easy accessible all over the exhibition centre (in particular at the entrance halls, passageways, toilets and food points). Adequate air change is guaranteed all over the exhibition centre.


Emergency plan

A specific procedure has been studied to safely manage the situation in case of people presenting possible symptoms indicative of Covid-19. A suitable place for isolation has been defined and assistance will be provided by suitably trained personnel equipped with appropriate PPE to be used for contact with potentially infected people.

Consulta le domande frequenti

All’ingresso della manifestazione verrà verificato che:

  • si sia in possesso e verifica della validità del “green pass” o di certificazione equivalente;
  • la temperatura corporea sia inferiore ai 37,5 °C
  • i visitatori siano muniti di mascherina e che vengano indossata correttamente coprendo naso e bocca.
  • le mani vengano igienizzate correttamente con appositi gel idroalcolici messi a disposizione, prima di consentire l’accesso.

No, se sei in possesso della Certificazione Verde (GreenPass) non è obbligatorio avere una versione stampata ma è sufficiente presentarlo tramite smartphone.

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For any further information or request about safety measures against the spread of covid-19 during CremonaFiere events, don’t hesitate to contact us!