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from November 28 to Saturday 30, 2024

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Milk: production and processing, consumption and prices. The current situation and future prospects

02dec14:0016:00Milk: production and processing, consumption and prices. The current situation and future prospectsConference14:00 - 16:00 Ponchielli Room Event Organized ByLibera Associazione Agricoltori Cremonesi

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 The dairy industry is undergoing a period of great volatility. We find ourselves facing an economic situation with few precedents. Not enough milk is available, and its price is continually rising. But the costs of production have also increased enormously, and breeders are being forced to keep them down, for instance by reducing their purchases of fodder and eliminating less productive cows at the end of their productive life. The result is a lesser availability of milk while demand remains high – and prices are therefore rising.

The price of milk today has never been higher, and will reach 60 cents by the end of the year, up 40% over a year ago. However, this price does not always cover the increase in the cost of production, which has grown even faster. These problems persist, in view of the coming end of the financial year and the outlook for the future. And all this is made even worse by the reformed CAP, which will come into force in January, and which will gradually reduce subsidies. One may well ask how consumers will respond to growing inflation and their reduced purchasing power, since it is they who will inevitably bear at least part of the increase in costs, also incurred by the processing and distribution sectors. The industry must find a new equilibrium – but where and when?                  


  • Introduction and opening remarks: Riccardo Crotti, President of Confagricoltura Lombardia
  • The situation of the national, European and world markets for milk: Daniele Rama, OMPZ observatory
  • The outlook for producers and the farm-gate milk price: Maurizio Roldi, President, Milk section, Confagricoltura Lombardia
  • The processing industry’s point of view: Antonio Auricchio, Vice-President, Assolatte
  • Concluding remarks: Massimiliano Giansanti, President of Confagricoltura

MODERATOR: Giovanni Guarneri, Coordinator, milk sector of Alleanza delle Cooperative



(Friday) 14:00 - 16:00


Ponchielli Room