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Thursday 30 November to Saturday 2 December 2023

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Let’s look at the international markets together.

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Why the international markets?

We truly believe in the great potentialities represented by the agro-livestock sector, both in Italy and abroad. We are strongly committed to the development of an internationalization programme since Cremona International Livestock Exhibitions are the only international specialized event on Livestock taking place in Italy.

The long-term cooperation between ITA – Italian Trade Agency and CremonaFiere is confirmed also for 2022 edition of Cremona International Livestock Exhibitions with the major goal of favouring international business relations within the agro-livestock sector.

Internationalization goes through the active involvement of qualified professionals from the most interesting and promising markets. Inviting top-level international buyers means creating many new business opportunities. Professionals to be involved are selected by the international offices of ITA – Italian Trade Agency by studying international market trends in close cooperation with CremonaFiere.

With reference to Cremona International Livestock Exhibitions 2022, ITA has been working to scount and invite over 50 buyers from 17 Countries who will visit the Exhibition and meet exhibiting companies to start and strengthen fruitful business opportunities.

At the International Media Lounge of Hall 2, the staff of ITA – Italian Trade Agency will be ready to help interested companies with further information and assistance.

ITA has been providing information, assistance, consulting, promotion and training to the Italian SME from all industrial sectors, with a motivated and qualified organization and a widespread network of offices abroad (78 of which 64 Offices and 14 Points Correspondence), for over 90 years (1926). For the promotion of the national agri food sector, ITA organizes collective exhibitions of Italian companies in the main international trade fairs, single or multi-thematic workshops and seminars, training courses for buyers, chefs and offline/online promotions of the Italian products with the main large-scale retail channel.

In addition, ITA is a partner of several Associations, local Authorities and Consortia with which fosters the matching between the Italian food offer and the foreign specialized demand, also inviting buyers for incoming missions in order to make them know and closely appreciate the countless representative values of food quality, tradition and culture, as well as the Italian style and creativity that make products unique. Since 2015, with the launch of an innovative multi-channel strategy, ITA has been supporting the digital transformation of Italian companies through e-commerce and international platforms active on foreign markets.

Further information

Our international activities

Presentations on the major international markets

CremonaFiere organizes presentations every year in the most interesting and evolving international markets to always intercept new interlocutors.

In 2019, for example, we presented the Cremona Livestock Fairs, representing the excellence of the Italian agro-zootechnical system, on the occasion of important professional and other profile meetings:

  • Presentation of the Livestock Fairs to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, organized in collaboration with the Directorate General for Globalization and Global Issues in the presence of Ambassadors and diplomats from 15 African countries
  • Promotional and communication activities in: Algeria, Egypt, United Arab Emirates and Lebanon
  • Presentation of Cremona International Livestock Exhibitions to the Turkish specialized market and media, in collaboration with the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Izmir

Incoming Buyer e Incontri B2B

One of the characteristics that differentiate Cremona’s International Livestock Fairs from other sector events is an internationalization program to bring the most qualified professionals from the most interesting markets to Cremona and which offer greater business opportunities for exhibitors.

In collaboration with ICE Agenzia and UNIDO ITPO ITALY (United Nations Industrial Development Organization) in the past years, we hosted official delegations from 26 countries:

  • Algeria
  • Azerbaijan
  • Bielorussia
  • Croazia
  • Egitto
  • Emirati Arabi Uniti
  • Francia
  • Georgia
  • Germania
  • Ghana
  • Guinea Equatoriale
  • India
  • Irlanda
  • Kazakistan
  • Kenya
  • Marocco
  • Moldavia
  • Nigeria
  • Pakistan
  • Regno Unito
  • Romania
  • Russia
  • Serbia
  • Spagna
  • Stati Uniti
  • Uzbekistan

In addition, in 2019 they visited us during the year:

  • Uzbek delegation organizing visits to farms and processing companies. The initiative planned as part of the AGROCOMP project – Value chain competitiveness of agro-business & food processing SMEs through sustainable development and eco-innovation in Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan
  • Pakistani delegation within the SsafeMilk Pakistan Tour project in collaboration with Ozolea and UNIDO to meet representatives of the agro-livestock sector and present their market realities

While in 2020 on the occasion of the all-digital SPECIAL EDITION we hosted:

  • Webinar : Country presentation | Pakistan
  • Webinar: Country presentation | Bielorussia

In 2021:

International trade mission for our exhibitors

Every year, CremonaFiere actively promotes Cremona International Livestock Exhibitions on the major international markets. In 2017, we organized international trade missions on some of the most interesting markets, such as India and Turkey.

CremonaFiere staff meet some of the most qualified sector professionals and institutionals representatives from the target countries, thus having the opportunity to present the Exhibition novelties and expand its professional network. Exhibiting companies can participate into these missions to held presentations and attend business meetings, thus profiting from a powerful marketing and promotional tool.

Reference targets are:

  • local institutions
  • local associations
  • buyers selection
  • journalists

CremonaFiere and its exhibitors join their forse to involve:

  • professionals of the sector
  • associations
  • institutions

In 2019 we organized and participated in:

  • Business Mission to Ireland at the National Plowing Championship – Carlow, Ireland, in collaboration with Entreprise Ireland